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Man panda!

So, it turns out I weigh the approximate weight of an adult giant panda!  It appears that sitting on your arse for years really piles the weight on.  More running is required!

Brexiteering 0


Brexiteering ———— It seems the country has voted #Brexit From sanity have we taken exit? I thought we’d all want to #Remain and now we hang our heads in shame I wonder who believed...


Peaspin smoothie

Today’s treat: – Spinach – Pea – Sunflower seeds – Apple juice


Blender week #4 – random stuff

This week, I’ve mostly been blending…. In no particular blend, Carrot, cucumber, whole oranges (peel!), some fruit.  some pre pics below:


Blender week #1 – ‘The Yoda’

Ingredients: 4 green beans (small) 1/2 avocado 2 handfuls of spinach 1/2 banana 1 handful of Brazil nuts 1 clove garlic some water Before:   After: